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Welcome to Koinmo

Company - KOINMO GmbH

KOINMO was founded in the year 2002. We provide professional consultancy services to companies in developing businesses through strong and reliable partnerships. We take time to understand and to analyze the “want” and the “have”. Our main focus is to bridge companies between Asia and Europe (in particularly Switzerland). KOINMO provides guidance and lay down foundation for both parties to develop into a strong and reliable long-term partnership in the Market. Each project is handled with esteem cares, thorough thought through and persuing for maximum perfection.




January 2018 - 45W Mono Crystalline Modules

Koinmo GmbH Successfully Completed Delivering 10’000 45W Mono Crystalline per Modules


January 2018 - Headsets

Koinmo GmbH Received Purchase Order for 26’000pcs Headsets


December 2017 - Fencing Parts

Koinmo GmbH Received Purchase Order for Fencing Parts


November 2017 - 28W Mono Crystalline Modules

Koinmo GmbH Successfully Delivered 7’000 New 28W Mono Crystalline Modules to a Swiss Customer.


November 2017 - Spray Bottles

Koinmo GmbH Successfully Delivered 30’000 pieces of Spray Bottles to Swiss Hospital


November 2017 - Disposable Nonwoven Blankets

Koinmo GmbH Received 10’000pcs Disposable Nonwoven Blankets for Swiss Hospital


October 2017 - Embossed Vacuum Pouches

Koinmo GmbH Successfully Secure production of 27’200pcs Customized made Embossed Vacuum Pouches for Swiss Hospital


September 2017 - Solar Roof Modules

Koinmo GmbH Successfully Delivered 2688pcs 45W Monocrystalline Solar Roof Modules


September 2017 - Anti-Slips

Koinmo GmbH Successfully Delivered 10’000pcs Customized made Anti-Slip to the Swiss Hospital


August 2017 - Instant Perineal Packs

Koinmo GmbH Completion and Deliver Customized Production of 20’800 pieces of Instant Perineal Pack to Swiss Hospital