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KOINMO was founded in the year 2002. We provide professional consultancy services to companies in developing businesses through strong and reliable partnerships. We take time to understand and to analyze the “want” and the “have”. Our main focus is to bridge companies between Asia and Europe (in particularly Switzerland). KOINMO provides guidance and lay down foundation for both parties to develop into a strong and reliable long-term partnership in the Market. Each project is handled with esteem cares, thorough thought through and pursuing for maximum perfection. We provide;

  • Intelligent product sourcing
  • Market potential evaluations
  • Most effective ways to enter the market
  • Partnership bridging
  • Partner risk and conflict management
  • Contract negotiation
  • Project management
  • Customer specific activities

We work with you to strife for success at the most competitive market approach. Our experience based on proven records of success.

Business Bridge between Europe and Asia

“Culture makes the different” everything we do culture plays an important part of our life. In the business world, culture plays an equally important role. This goes down to every single action we conduct our business. The way we greet, write, speak, share and so on and so forth are part of the puzzle. KOINMO does exactly what is needed for you to do your business either in Asia or in Europe in particularly Switzerland.

We understood not only the business culture from both sides of the world; we also have the right networks of contacts, knowledge and expertise to assist you in expanding your business.

Our Propositions:

  • We understand the business culture
  • We have the networks of contacts
  • We have the right expertise
  • We are reliable and trust worthy
  • We provide quality services
  • We exercise the best practices

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