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Ciena Sonet/SDH Equipment

Ciena Sonet/SDH warehouse stock for sale

All the material listed consists of spare parts. Current owner kept these spare parts in their warehouse managed by logistic partner.

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  • most of material is completely new (newer used at all)
  • some of material is refurbished but in excellent condition

Ciena Sonet/SDH stock items

(in German)
Supplier's number Quantity available
Chassis Kit Redundant 115/230VAC K66-0001-024 170
Chassis Kit Redundant -48VDC K66-0001-025 22
Gigabit Enhancement Module B-700-1005-001 600
SONET/SDH Service Module B-700-1032-001 50
Passive Module Dual Wave 1471/1491nm B-700-1009-001 2
Passive Module Dual Wave 1511/1531nm B-700-1009-002 0
Passive Module Dual Wave 1551/1571nm B-700-1009-003 0
Passive Module Dual Wave 1591/1611nm B-700-1009-004 0
Passive Module CWDM Low Band B-700-1015-001 65
Passive Module CWDM High Band B-700-1015-002 13
PM - drop 47-53 B-700-1021-001 14
  Total: 936

Priority is given to orders value > $3000. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery complies with Incoterms 2010 FCA (Free Carrier). Inquiries are always welcome.