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Huawei MA5600T

Huawei MA5600T systems on sale

Approximately 100 systems of Huawei MA5600T for immediate shipment. 318 systems available in total. Competitive market price!

You are encouraged to make early reservation.

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  • fully functional
  • equipment is in excellent condition

MA5600T HUAWEI (FE-FAN "Fast Ethernet FAN") system configuration

Item HUAWEI BOM No Quantity per System
H801SCUN R09 03020KAX 1
16-port FE P2P Optical Access Board OPFA (without SFP's) 03030DGH 8
H801CITD,Combo Interface Transfer Board for Alarming 03020LKL 0-1
Fan Box for 48-port VDSL2 and P2P Service Shelf(4 Fan) 02120481 1
Connect Power Board PRTE 03020NDE 2
MA5600T, ETSI Service Shelf, 48V/60V, 4-fan/can 02351082 1
eSFP-1310nm-1000Base-Lx SM, 10km 34060473 2
eSFP,1310nm,1.25Gb/s, LC, SM, 40km S4015749 0
eSFP,1550nm,1.25Gb/s, LC, SM, 80km S4015750 0
SFP-FE-LX-SM1550-BIDI 34060364 128
WDM Opt BiSFP 1.25G Tx1310/Rx1490nm 10km (BX-SFP) 34060470 0
Air filter for MA5600T 2.2m rack 99042YGR 1
Air filter for 1.8m rack (few only available) FILTER180 "1"
Rack 2.20m   1
Rack 1.80m (few only available)   1
318 systems are available (various assembling!!)

We only sell systems, no individual parts. Priority is given to orders value > $3000. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery complies with Incoterms 2010 FCA (Free Carrier). Inquiries are always welcome.