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Ciena Chassis

Ciena Chassis warehouse stock for sale

Koinmo has 422 pcs of Ciena Chassis for immediate shipment.

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Ciena Chassis stock items

Part number Material description Supplier Stock Quantity Unit price FCA Switzerland in USD$
K66-0001-016 EW Chassis 450WAC w. Flash (AG) 230V Ciena 46 $355.80
K66-0001-010 EW Chassis 400WDC STD w. Flash (AG) 48V Ciena 23 $355.80
K66-0001-021 CN 4200 MC Chassis 400W DC 48V Ciena 11 $263.20
K66-0001-022 CN 4200 MC Chassis 450W AC 230V Ciena 342 Sets
48 Full, 74 with old Flash Card, 220 without accessories.

Priority is given to orders value > $3000. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery complies with Incoterms 2010 FCA (Free Carrier). Inquiries are always welcome.